Smart Event Communication

  • Alerting and coordinating all the major players
  • Ad hoc emergency conferences at the push of a button
  • Crisis cockpit for online collaboration
  • Supply of information to the affected areas via info hotline

Stay on top of the situation – Alarms and crisis management with Serinus

A lightning strike in the data centre, flooding in your region, an emergency case in the production line – whenever the worst case scenario occurs, it is important to be prepared. Serinus has been specifically developed for this purpose. Using our web-based solution you will be able to be clear-headed even in critical situations in order to quickly and easily alert, inform and coordinate all the major players.

Infografik Serinus Plattformen Alarm- und Krisenmanagement

It's up to you – crisis management has a modular structure

Adapt Serinus to your needs. The smart event communication platform can be operated as a SaaS solution regardless of the infrastructure. The on-premises version enables a full integration into your system infrastructure. The hybrid solution combines the benefits of the SaaS model to the value added of a large-scale integration in your system infrastructure.

Stop wasting time – Minor & Major Incident Management made easier than ever

In emergency situations, every minute counts. That’s why SERINUS operation has been designed as simple as possible Thanks to the crisis management solutions you will be automatically alerted already at the first critical signs. Using the Serinus App or a web browser it is then possible to call up the alarm notification and to take the appropriate measures. Feel free to decide who, when and how should receive which information.

On-call service alerting

4 good reasons to choose Serinus


Professional tools and features

Serinus ensures you all the key functions for your alert and crisis management: a central dashboard, role and qualification-based alerting, emergency conferences, alarm reports and many other functions.


Modularity and flexibility

Set up your individual alert and crisis management package together with modules and interfaces that best suit your needs. In this way you only pay for features you really need.


User-friendly operation

Serinus is intuitively designed and easy to use even in crisis scenarios. During development we focused on usability. Process-oriented configuration and context-sensitive interaction set the standards.


Security and privacy

Serinus provides the maximum security. Our IT solutions are based on the redundant setup of all components and a comprehensive security and backup concept, which guarantees the necessary level of availability and data security.