Amok & terror – Plan for the worst


It is a sad truth: acts of violence, terrorist attacks and killing spree situations cannot be completely averted. This makes it even more important to be prepared for the worst. Specific contingency plans and efficient communication channels can contribute to save lives.

Serinus was developed exactly for such requirements. By means of this alert and crisis management platform, large crowds can be alerted using all common communication channels. In a matter of seconds it is possible to inform endangered people, coordinate rescue teams and contact relatives. At the press of a button you can also launch telephone conferences with crisis units, exchange information using the Serinus mobility app or inform the public with pre-configured information hotlines.

All Serinus features are easily scalable and can work safely and reliably even under maximum load. You can thus rely on the Serinus functionality even in critical situations.

Overview of the functions

Communication channels

  • Voice calls with up to 800 parallel channels

  • High-availability SMS connection

  • Smartphone app for Android & iOS

  • Integration of local PA systems

  • Control of IP loudspeakers

  • Client PC integration

  • Relay outputs to control visual and audible systems

  • Fax, e.g. for alarm logs

  • Connection to 3rd party interfaces for integration of customer systems

Information hotline

  • Easy setup of information hotlines by PC, phone or smartphone

  • Cope with call peaks thanks to simultaneous call acceptance

  • Flexibly adjust free or predefined announcements

  • PIN-secured information hotlines for employees and crisis units

  • Optional connection to emergency call centres


  • Ad hoc conference

  • Inbound

  • Outbound

  • Mixed

Emergency dashboard

  • Start and monitoring of alarm scenarios

  • Role and skill-based alerting

  • Messenger for fast communication

  • Virtual crisis team rooms

  • Exchange of files, contingency plans and messages

  • Real-time monitoring