Convening of crisis task forces – Be able to act promptly in emergency situations

Convening of crisis task forces

Whether malfunction of critical infrastructure, product supply shortage or product recall – major and minor incidents require efficient crisis management. To this end, crisis units are formed, which quickly define strategies and measures to avert damages. Members usually come from different business units and organisational areas.

Serinus supports you in alerting, coordinating and interacting with crisis units. The smart event communication platform allows members to be informed individually and using all available communication channels. Ad-hoc conferences can be started at the push of a button.  

By means of Serinus mobility app you can easily operate the alert and crisis management platform using your smartphone. This makes the terminal device a mobile command centre.

Overview of the functions:

Emergency management

  • Individual scenarios to alert the relevant individuals and teams

  • Emergency dashboard for easy activation of emergency processes

  • Real-time management of conferences including dynamic connection of subscribers

  • Messenger to transmit rapid updates to crisis units

  • Activation of information hotlines for residents

  • Comprehensive logbook function

Teams alerting

  • Cross-media alerting on different terminal device types

  • Dynamic recording of alarm messages

  • Positive, negative and PIN-related receipt acknowledgement

  • Input of response time/time of arrival

  • Basic escalation and skill-based escalation

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