Convening of crisis task forces

Convening of crisis task forces

Be able to act quickly

When it comes to a failure of critical infrastructure, a manufacturing supply shortage or a product recall – efficient crisis management is crucial for major and minor incidents. For this purpose, crisis response teams are convened to quickly define strategies and measures to avert major damages. These team members usually come from different business divisions and organizational units.

Serinus supports you in alerting, coordinating and exchanging information with crisis response teams. The Smart Event Communication Platform allows you to individually inform team members using all available communication channels. In order to do it, ad hoc conferences can be started with just one click.

Applications of crisis response teams mobilization


Product recall


Communication crisis


Industrial accidents


Cyber attack


Production downtime


IT Emergency Management


Bomb threat


Storms & natural disasters

Inform the members of your crisis team immediately and via multimedia.


    Trigger at any time and place

    Emergency and crisis situations can arise at any time. Due to the current new mobile working environment, there is no guarantee that all members of a crisis response team are always in the office in order to be able to act immediately in case of emergency. Thanks to Serinus Mobile App, you can summon your crisis response team at any time while on the go. Voice call and web browser count among the media available for a flexible alarm activation from any location.


    Smart alerting function

    Serinus can alert a variety of devices taking into account on-call shifts, availability and skills. This can be done via voice call, SMS, mobile app, e-mail, client PC or fax. The alerted persons can use all communication channels for the confirmation. In the absence of feedback, automatic and constant repetitions are initialized after a predefined time and other channels are used for alerting.


    Direct interaction and quick status report

    A telephone conference can be directly started to convene a crisis response team. In this case, Serinus automatically calls the team members via outbound call, so that they can directly join the conference room. An online interaction via a chat room opened ad hoc is also available. In this way, the members of a crisis response team can directly interact to make a first assessment of the current situation.


    Full documentation

    Serinus provides real-time feedback to the alerted persons about who has acknowledged the alarm and whether the planned roles such as managers, crisis response team members and local teams are available. The system allows to automatically send progress reports and specific reports to predefined recipients. Thanks to the audit-proof documentation of all processes, crises can be easily analyzed and followed up afterwards.


    Quick response when it matters most

    We have developed our Incident Board to effectively and professionally manage any crisis. The Incident Board supports your emergency team in taking all appropriate measures. It involves the direct loading of contingency plans, but also the assignment and management of tasks and it enables a fast exchange of information as well as co-working across teams and departments on a strategy to immediately cope with the critical situation.


    Secure data storage (GDPR compliant) and guaranteed uptime

    In order for you to remain up and running even in case of infrastructure outage, we offer our solution as a cloud-based service. Our complete platform is designed for high availability and high performance. Your data is kept available, unaltered and confidential. This is proven by multiple independently run tests and audits – after which the Serinus Cloud Platform meets the highest standards.

    Alarm settings for crisis task forces

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    How long does it take to inform 100 employees through the system?

    Our solution is designed to be high-performing. Whether 1 person or 1,000 people, we alert the relevant recipients within a few seconds using different media.

    What if a user cannot be reached?

    The status is recorded in our system. You can easily plan an escalation so that a user is called several times or alerted through other media. In addition to this, you can define substitutes based on their qualifications or role.

    Which languages are available for the voice alert?

    Our Text-To-Speech engine supports speech reproduction in German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch and Swedish. However, custom messages can easily be recorded as well.

    How is it ensured that a call or SMS is successfully delivered?

    One carrier alone cannot meet complex emergency communication requirements. That’s why Serinus arranged a combination of Tier-1 carriers and local network operators for you. The result is a mix of secure availability, minimal delivery time, international network coverage, compliance with regional regulations and optimal value for money.

    How does the telephone conference with the crisis response team work?

    Our solution can proactively call the users via outbound call so that they can join the conference. People also receive the conference details via SMS, e-mail or mobile app and can dial in at any time.

    Can the crisis response team members manage their contact data autonomously?

    Yes, the members can manage their contact data, provided that they have the required approval, and decide on their own which media to use for alerting. This option can also be overridden in case of emergency.

    Can users be easily imported into the system along with their contact data?

    Yes, an import can be carried out by means of CSV file. A REST-API interface is available for automated import as well.

    How is charged the Serinus solution?

    Our system is based on the number of alert recipients set up. There are no restrictions on the number of media, hunt groups, scenarios, skills or calendar planning. The account must be balanced quarterly based on the number of users.

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