Emergency conferences – Efficient team communication in critical situations

Emergency conferences

In critical situations, a few seconds can make the difference. Crisis and rescue teams therefore need to work together smoothly, to regularly exchange information and to communicate efficiently in order to protect the IT infrastructure, to avoid production downtimes or to quickly take care of people in emergency situations.

Trust in the professional alert and crisis management solutions offered by Serinus. The platform allows you to start conferences within seconds. There are several options available.

Directly launch a quick start conference using the quick-dial key on your phone, smartphone or web client or let the alarm messages automatically initiate the conference calls. The ad hoc conferencing feature enables you to gather subscribers and groups spontaneously. It doesn’t matter which media or device the conference subscribers use to join the conference call. Conference calls can be recorded upon request.


Event conference

  • Automatic start of conferences

  • Activation through different interfaces (ESPA 4.4.4, ESPA-X, SMTP, REST API, contacts, etc.)

Ad hoc web conference

  • Creation of conference groups in three quick steps

  • Configuration by drag and drop

Outbound conference call

  • Subscribers are called directly

  • Up to 16 target call numbers per employee

  • Configuration of the ringtone duration

  • Parallel or serial calls

Quick start conference

  • Activation by phone and smartphone

  • Whitelist

  • PIN query to start the conference

  • Dynamic information recording

Inbound conference call

  • Subscribers receive invitation to the conference call through various communication channels

  • PIN query protection

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