Fire and evacuation alert – Safety comes first

Fire and evacuation alert

If a fire breaks out, only ten minutes at the most are left to evacuate a building without the need of third parties. Within this time, it is necessary to detect the fire, alert people at risk and ask them to leave the danger area.

Serinus helps you to identify the source of fire and to evacuate vulnerable areas quickly but in a controlled way. The smart event communication platform can be coupled with all common fire alarm systems.

If an alarm is triggered, the evacuation can be started both manually or automatically by Serinus. In this case, the system uses the existing infrastructure and can provide employees with visual and audible evacuation instructions directly on their smartphones or play announcements over the IP loudspeakers as well as the central PA system.

Overview of the functions:


  • Coupling of Serinus with existing fire and hazard detection systems (ESPA 4.4.4 & ESPA-X, floating contacts)

  • Manual alarm activation using phones, web, buttons

  • Simultaneous alert of employees

  • Multimedia alerting by phone, app, IP loudspeaker and client PC

Emergency management

  • Customised alarm scenarios according to the major emergency

  • Start of emergency conferences among evacuation assistants

  • Real-time alarm reports

  • Activation of information hotlines for residents

  • Easy configuration of test alarms

  • Documentation of all events

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