First-aiders emergency call – Fast systematic help

First-aiders emergency call

Major operating accidents or employees in acute emergency are a coordinative challenge for organisations. Then, companies need emergency schedules that inform first responders, notify external rescue services, and provide crisis units with an overview of the business premises. Serinus supports you in this process.

The smart event communication platform notifies responsible bodies according to pre-defined rules and, if necessary, starts the escalation of the distress call. All information is available via the central alarm cockpit in order to guarantee a quick first aid for the employees.

Companies should take tests on a regular basis to ensure that no organisational deficits may interfere with the operational emergency schedule. Serinus supports you during this process – from the creation of contingency plans up to the integration in the execution of test alarms.

Overview of the functions:

The smart alerting process

  • First responders central phone numbers

  • Automatic emergency conference

  • Parallel alert

  • Prioritised alerting of first responders, using different communication channels

  • Automatic escalations to substitutes

  • Logging of all intervention measures


  • Embedding of best practice alerting flows

  • Integration of building plans and location information

  • Setup of test alarms

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