Fast emergency call, alarm and fault transmission with Serinus

Patients & staff safety

A quick and efficient processing of alert and stand-by messages within the health sector can contribute to save lives. Clinics, mental health hospitals and nursing homes have to meet the high requirements of operating and safety regulations, often having limited resources. The optimization of processes, and consequently also the costs involved, is therefore crucial.

Unfortunately, there is also a downside, as attacks on hospitals and nursing homes staff are on the rise. In such dicey situations it is important to set off a silent alarm going unnoticed. Serinus helps you to prepare for all eventualities in a cost-effective way. The high-performing and reliable Smart Event Communication Platform offers multiple tools and features to collect emergency calls, alarms and technical faults and to transmit them to the competent authorities according to a defined set of rules.

Applications in the health care sector


Nurse call alarm


Fire & evacuation alarm


MCI alert


Silent alarm


On call alert


Optimization of workflows


Personal security


Technical monitoring

Equip your healthcare facility with reliable alarm software.


    Targeted alert

    Serinus informs your staff about alarms and emergency calls. For this purpose, the platform considers all employees’ duty rosters, availability and skills. The acknowledgment function allows Serinus to receive qualified feedback on the availability and response time of your nursing staff and employees.


    Extensive compatibility

    Serinus adapts to your needs and specifications. The platform allows the integration of standardized and vendor-specific interfaces made by the main manufacturers of nurse call and patients wandering protection systems, as well as of emergency devices.


    Prevention of alarm fatigue

    Benefit from Serinus intelligence. Thanks to a smart alert filtering system combined with a predefined set of rules, the number of alerts is significantly reduced. Only the relevant notifications and alarm details are transmitted and displayed at a glance by Serinus to the nursing staff. Thus, you can avoid false alarms and optimize your processes.


    Direct communication with the patients & residents

    Serinus platform is a fast and reliable software that makes communication between nursing staff and patients/ home residents easier. In the case of a patient or resident call, the nursing staff can directly initiate a callback to the resident’s room in a few quick steps.


    Silent alarm

    Depending on the fire protection regulations, the platform allows the transmission of a silent fire alarm to the staff and evacuation assistants. An immediate exploration is made possible thanks to the detailed room and location functions provided. This allows on one side to act quickly and on the other side to reduce false alarms.


    Protection from violence against the nursing staff

    Employees working in nursing homes are increasingly being the target of assaults. Protecting them from threats and attacks is the highest priority for employers. Silent alarms allow employees in dicey situations to trigger an alarm without being noticed. All predefined protective measures can be activated with Serinus fast notification function.


    Access to information – anytime and anywhere

    The Serinus platform enables cross-channel delivery of messages via phone call, text message, on landlines and DECT devices as well as via mobile app, SMS, Web Client, fax and external subsystems. What is more, an intuitive messenger automatically starts a group chat in the event of an incident in order to optimize the exchange of information between all involved parties.


    Easy integration of IoT sensors

    Thanks to modern LPWA networks, such as LoRa, SigFox or NB-IoT, you can easily integrate any kind of sensor into your alarm system. A big advantage is that you do not need any wiring, for example to implement a doors monitoring system. Thanks to this smart networking, you can save time and money while optimizing your processes.


    Integration of mobile emergency devices

    Serinus platform allows a monitored connection of mobile emergency devices, such as emergency watches or SOS beacons. You can define a home zone for a patient or resident. As soon as the person leaves the predefined area, Serinus sends up-to-date GPS data to the nursing staff.


    Quick and easy evaluation of alarm reports

    All alerting events are logged in detail. The required alarm reports can be sent directly via e-mail with just one click. For example, you can analyze the average processing and reaction time. Many evaluation options can be customized to improve processes.

    Configuration menu for the alarm

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    Alert overview

    ESPA 4.4.4 / ESPA-X Interface
    A large number of subsystems support the connection via ESPA 4.4.4 or ESPA interface, such as nurse call, fire alarm, building management or hazard detection systems. The activation occurs either by paging ID or by text scan.
    Dry contact
    Serinus also supports the classic method of alarm activation – dry contacts. Depending on the configuration, this event input can be assigned as Normally Closed or Normally Open contact. It is also possible to connect wired emergency buttons.
    Through the integration of Narrowband and LoRa devices, alarms, states or parameters can be automatically recorded and transmitted to the Serinus platform to activate an alarm. Special wireless emergency buttons can be used to trigger an alarm too. In this case a location function is also available.
    OPC UA, BacNet, Modbus and KNX-Bus
    A working building infrastructure is extremely important, especially in clinics and nursing homes. The use of interfaces such as BacNet, OPC UA, Modbus and KNX bus is well-established not only in the field of building automation. Serinus offers the possibility to define a threshold value per data point or to monitor a status change and to directly trigger an event, should an incident occur.
    Server failures, a defective Internet connection or a virus attack can quickly cause considerable damage. Serinus offers a variety of IT interfaces to inform the relevant people in time about critical incidents.
    Phone and emergency watch
    Emergency alarms can be easily set off by voice call or pressing a key. Depending on the configuration, it is possible to record a message or directly call the team on standby. Special devices with extended function range can also be used to protect people against assaults.
    Mobile App
    The authorized persons receive permission to launch an alarm through the app profiles. Attachments can be added to the alarm message too. The app can be used to record a message, as well as to protect lone workers in danger, according to the rules 112-139 of the German Social Accident Insurance, also using the locating function.
    The intuitive dashboard makes it easier to set alarms and tasks, and monitor the current status. It is possible to select recipients and groups, and set an ad hoc confirmation accordingly.
    System monitoring
    Thanks to the integrated watchdog function, our system monitors all hardware and software components. In the event of a malfunction, our central SaaS Dashboard will trigger a technical alarm.
    Alerts types
    • Voice alert
    • XML message for landline devices
    • Message Link for DECT users
    Supported system architecture
    • Ascom
    • Alcatel-Lucent (OXO and OXE)
    • Avaya
    • Cisco
    • innovaphone
    • gnTel
    • Mitel (Mitel 400, MX ONE, SIP Dect)
    • NFON
    • Panasonic
    • Swyx
    • Unify
    Special features
    • Connection despite busy line
    • Interruption of an ongoing call
    • Announcement over the public address system
    • Override the call forwarding rules
    • Sending of text messages
    Client PC
    • Alert via toaster, ticker or pop-up
    • Operating systems: Win 7 and Win 10
    • Transmission of annexes
    • Operation in Citrix environment
    Smartphone App
    • Alerting via push notification
    • Transmission of annexes
    • Geolocated alert
    • Operating systems: Android and iOS
    IP loudspeaker
    • Unicast and Multicast announcements
    • Operation compliant with the DIN VDE 0827 standard
    • Monitoring functions
    • Priority SMS supported
    • Extended SMS with up to 480 characters
    • Flash SMS
    Connection of PA systems
    • Control via TC system
    • Own audio output for PA system
    • Monitoring function
    The Serinus alarm servers can be designed completely redundant in hot standby mode. In case of system failure the slave server automatically takes over the operation.


    How is the alarm server connected to a nurse call or fire alarm system?

    The nurse call or fire alarm system can be connected using an interface or a dry contact. We recommend the connection via ESPA 4.4.4 or ESPA-X interface. The advantage of these interfaces is that the connection is constantly monitored. In the event of an alarm, the interface transmits the information in plain text to the alarm server.

    Can personal data be transferred from a phone system or directory service such as Active Directory?

    Yes, Serinus allows to directly import interfaces of all major phone systems manufacturers. Also the import via CSV file or the connection to a higher-level LDAP directory is possible in order to import and sync data at regular intervals.

    Can a user be in several alarm groups at the same time?

    Yes, an employee can be in different hunt groups at the same time.

    How does the alarm escalation work?

    Escalation can occur via several communication channels and devices. If a notification is not acknowledged, an escalation can be performed to further hunt groups or substitutes.

    Can Serinus also be used for monitoring lone workers at risk or for protection against attacks?

    Yes, further information on this topic can be found under “Lone Workers Protection” on our homepage.

    Does Serinus offer specific solutions for MCI alert?

    Yes, you will find all necessary information for a high-performance and reliable MCI alert in the menu item “Alerting” under the sub item “Mass Notification”.

    Is it possible to contact reference customers?

    Serinus is used for alerting university hospitals, large hospital chains and nursing home operators. We would be happy to put you in touch with all relevant contacts.

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