Retirement Home

Operators of retirement homes and facilities for assisted living often have limited resources and have to meet at the same time the high requirements of contingency plans and security systems.
Serinus supports you in facing these challenges.
By using the smart event communication platform, you can optimise existing workflows, improve the communication between caregivers and residents and increase the security in emergencies and critical situations.

Receive relevant messages, react and communicate quickly

graphic for the product serinus saas in retirement home and nursing home

Targeted alerting

Serinus informs your staff about alarms and emergency calls. For this purpose, the platform considers all employees’ duty rosters, availability and skills. The confirmation function provides Serinus with qualified feedback on the availability and response times of your nursing teams.


Extensive compatibility

The platform allows the integration of standardized and vendor-specific interfaces made by the main manufacturers of nurse call and patients wandering protection systems, as well as of emergency devices.


Prevention of alarm fatigue

Thanks to a smart alert filtering system combined with a predefined set of rules, the number of alerts is significantly reduced. Only the relevant notifications and alarm details are transmitted and displayed at a glance by Serinus to the nursing staff.


Direct communication with the nursing home residents

Serinus allows fast communication between nursing staff and home residents. In the case of a resident call, the nursing staff can directly initiate a callback to the resident’s room.


Silent fire alarm

The platform allows a silent fire alarm to be transmitted to the nursing staff and evacuation assistants, based on the fire protection regulations in force. An immediate analysis of the situation is made possible by the detailed room and location information provided, which reduces false alarms.


Protection from violence against the nursing staff

Employees working in nursing homes are increasingly being the target of assaults. Protecting them from threats and attacks is a top priority for employers. Silent alarms allow employees in dicey situations to trigger an alarm without being noticed.


Access to information – anytime and anywhere

Serinus platform enables a cross-channel delivery of notifications via voice call, text message on fixed and DECT devices as well as via app, SMS, web client, fax and external subsystems.


Easy to integrate IoT sensors

Thanks to modern LPWAN networks – such as LoRa, SigFox or NB-IoT – you can easily and affordably integrate all kinds of sensors into your alarm concept. One major advantage is that no wiring is required, for instance to implement a monitoring system of doors or cooling chambers.


Integration of mobile emergency devices

The platform allows a monitored connection of mobile emergency devices, such as emergency watches or SOS beacons. You can define a home zone for a resident. As soon as the person leaves the predefined area, Serinus sends up-to-date GPS data to the nursing staff.


Quick and simple evaluation of alarm reports

All alerting events are logged in detail and can be used to improve any process. The desired alarm reports can be sent directly by e-mail at the push of a button. Many evaluation options are available for this purpose.

graphic for the area of application silent alarm in retirement home and nurse home

1. A home resident calls for help.

2. Serinus alerts the staff on the ward according to the shift plan.

3. A nurse acknowledges the alarm. The resident’s room can also receive a callback. The alarm is successfully completed.

4. Escalation within the same groups, if the alarm is not acknowledged within 120 seconds.

5. A further escalation to the next ward is performed.

6. The whole alerting process is documented.

It’s up to you – alert management as a modular structure