Incident Management - Be prepared for any contingency


Networked production chains, just-in-time logistics and cross-business cooperation – companies have optimised their production processes at maximum nowadays. On the one hand this increases efficiency, but on the other hand it also represents a high risk. Incidents can quickly bring the entire operation to a standstill. Then it is important to act quickly.

Serinus ensures companies to be optimally prepared against major and minor incidents. The alert and crisis management platform supports you in the implementation, execution and improvement of your incident processing.

Serinus informs you about critical situations, faults or messages in your production plants and can automatically mobilise specialists. This can be done via voice call, SMS, email or mobile app. Through the confirmation function, Serinus receives a qualified feedback on the availability and response times of your teams. All alerting operations are logged in detail and can be used for process improvement.


Emergency dashboard

  • Start and monitoring of alarm scenarios

  • Exchange of files, contingency plans and messages

  • Logging of all activities


  • Easy escalation

  • Skill-based escalation

  • Escalation to further groups or start own escalation alert messages

Return confirmation and escalation

  • Proof of identity of the recipient before alarm message transmission

  • Positive, negative and PIN-related receipt confirmation

  • Input of response time/time of arrival

Uni- and bidirectional notification system

  • Parallel

  • Serial

  • Accidental

  • Based on roles and duty rosters