Overcome the challenges of the industrial environment with Serinus alert and crisis management solutions. The smart event communication platform supports you in optimising existing workflows, networking machines and skilled workers, as well as acting quickly and effectively in emergency and crisis situations.

Monitoring of production plants and equipment

Thanks to Serinus it is possible to link together sensors, machines, systems and major players. In this way, you will always keep an eye on important alarm and fault messages.

  • Connection of devices and systems through contacts, sensor SMS, e-mail

  • Integration of building management and distributed control system via ESPA and OPC interfaces

  • Multimedia alerting via call, SMS, e-mail, app

  • Respect of duty rosters and skills

Reliable personal protection

A properly targeted communication is crucial when people’s safety is at stake. Serinus guarantees a prompt alerting of rescue teams and a rapid buildings evacuation.

  • Mass alerting using various communication channels

  • Launch of conferences in case of emergency and among first responders

  • Integration of existing fire alarm systems and hazard detection systems

Emergency and crisis management

Whether minor or major incident management, Serinus allows you to stay on top of things always being able to alert, inform and coordinate all major players even in turbulent times.

  • Emergency and crisis management cockpit for central control of all activities

  • Rapid and targeted convening of crisis task forces and on-call service teams

  • Real-time exchange of information and documents within crisis units

  • Documentation of all activities and events

It’s up to you – alert management as a modular structure