Information hotline – Proactive information


Regardless of whether during a strike, a power failure or a product recall – if something doesn’t go as planned, the general public become quickly anxious. Companies that communicate openly and proactively when problems occur tend to overcome crises usually without damaging their image too much.

Therefore it is important to keep customers, authorities, lawmakers, community groups, shareholders or the fourth estate always up-to-date even in small crisis situations. Serinus allows you to quickly and easily activate national and international information hotlines, which are able to handle a large number of calls at the same time.

You can also use the alert and crisis management solution to regularly update your informational announcements and monitor the volume of calls in real time. Reports and statistical evaluations are also provided to analyse your crisis handling.

An overview of the most important functions:

Information hotline

  • Easy setup of information hotlines by PC, phone or smartphone

  • Cope with call peaks thanks to simultaneous call acceptance

  • Flexibly adjust free or predefined announcements

  • PIN-secured information hotlines for employees and crisis units

  • Optional connection to emergency call centres

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