IT Emergency Management – Act fast when necessary

IT Emergency Management

Whether it’s a server crash, a broken internet connection or a virus outbreak – IT-related issues can cripple entire companies. In order to minimise damages, internal and external IT service providers must act immediately – preferably even before problems arise.

Using Serinus you will have at your disposal a high-performing alert and crisis management solution, with which you can quickly and easily introduce countermeasures. The platform can be integrated directly into your IT system per REST API, SMS, SMTP or SNMP, so that possible error sources can be pointed out at an early stage. In the event of a malfunction, Serinus automatically alerts the experts required to solve the problem. In the course of this it takes into account duty rosters, availabilities and skills. Thanks to the confirmation function, you can always keep an eye on the availability and response times of your teams. In order to rapidly address complex issues, Serinus offers you the opportunity to quickly and easily start emergency conferences.

Depending on your requirements and your existing infrastructure, you can install Serinus as a cloud SaaS, as a server-based on-premises or as a hybrid solution.


Information hotline

  • Easy setup of information hotlines by PC, phone or smartphone

  • Cope with call peaks thanks to simultaneous call acceptance

  • Flexibly adjust free or predefined announcements

  • PIN-secured information hotlines for employees and crisis units

  • Optional connection to emergency call centres

Emergency dashboard

  • Start and monitoring of alarm scenarios

  • Virtual crisis team rooms

  • Exchange of files, contingency plans and messages


  • Ad hoc conference

  • Inbound

  • Outbound

  • Mixed

Uni- and bidirectional notification system

  • Parallel

  • Serial

  • Based on roles and duty rosters

Integration of systems and components


  • SMTP

  • SMNP

  • SMS

  • Sensors

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