Lone workplace safety - Simple, reliable and effective

schema: lone workplace security for persons working alone

The safety of your employees is the top priority. Lone working consists in performing an activity in isolation, i.e. out of sight and earshot. Depending on the hazard level of the activity, technical and organizational measures have to be implemented to safeguard lone workers.

Serinus developed a solution for lone workers, based on the German legal and occupational requirements (DGUV rules 112-139, safety and health regulations of the Employer’s Liability Insurance Association), which is easy to implement and offers reliable personal safety.

In the event of an emergency, this software triggers an alarm, whereby through the central alarm control panel a defined rescue chain is immediately activated and first responders are alerted. The rescue chain can be alerted in different ways. In addition to manual and automatic alarms, alerts can also be triggered by missed check-in calls or technical fault messages.

The dynamic localization feature improves your organization’s response time. The first responders receive the alarm details directly on their end devices, according to the shift plans. In this way, rescue operations and aid measures can be initiated rapidly and systematically.

Overview of the main functions:

Personal emergency signal functions

  • Use of DECT devices and Android smart phones as personal emergency signal devices

  • Manual alarm (red button, pull-cord)

  • Automatic alarm (man-down, no movement, shock, pull-cord, and timeout alarm)

  • Technical monitoring (connection, battery status)

  • Tracking by DECT, Wi-Fi, BLE Beacons, NFC Tags

The smart alerting process

  • Display of alarms in the personal emergency signals switchboard

  • Observation of duty rosters

  • Confirmations and escalations

  • Transmission of building plans to alarm receivers

  • Activation of the positioning tone by the actuator

  • Initialization of emergency conference calls

  • Documentation of all operations

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