Mass notification - Quick response when it matters

graphic of mass notification with the serinus app

Whether critical events affecting the company location or incidents shaking an entire city occur, a well-planned alarm and crisis management is essential for an effective mass alert of all affected parties. Serinus was developed to respond quickly with a reliable platform that adapts individually and flexibly to the respective needs in order to protect those affected from major damage.

Serinus Smart Communication Platform helps companies coordinate their crisis management, inform key stakeholders or groups through the usual communication channels and based on geospatial data, convene emergency conferences and initiate emergency response procedures – reliably and simply at the push of a button or via the Serinus Mobility App. This means that relevant information can be distributed to large crowds within seconds. Serinus Smart Communication Platform is designed to perform a multimedia notification of more than 10,000 people, citizens or stakeholder groups within 1 minute.

Being an independent medium, Serinus’ functionality is reliable even in critical situations, since communication can be preserved by the platform, even in the event of internal server failures or the like.

Overview of the main functions:


  • Integration of 3rd party systems

  • Individual definition of communication channels

  • Multimedia alerting by phone, app, IP loudspeaker and client PC

  • Embedding of shift and annual plans

  • Role- and skill-based alerting

  • Geo-intelligent – GIS-based messages

Emergency management

  • Customised alarm scenarios according to the major emergency

  • Emergency dashboard for the central crises management

  • Start of emergency conferences and online collobartions

  • Activation of information hotlines for the affected people

  • Real-time alarm reports

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