MCI alerting – Professional mastering of alarm scenarios

MCI alerting

A derailed train, a bomb attack, a major massive accident on the highway – MCI events or emergencies involving many injured are a medical and organisational challenge for rescue teams, hospitals and first responders.

Stay always on top of things with Serinus. The alert and crisis communication platform supports you to quickly and efficiently implement rescue measures, to coordinate first responders, to start emergency conferences and to exchange informations with your crisis units. Using your personal emergency dashboard, you can also keep an eye on all the relevant information in real-time.

Serinus prepares you for the worst case: create complex alarm scenarios for cases of emergency and test alarms in a simple way. In addition, Serinus helps to update emergency contact information. They can be entered autonomously by department, team or employee thanks to multitenancy or automatically be imported from parent databases.

Overview of the functions:


  • Manual or automatic activation of standby alerts by

  • Phone, app, web

  • 3rd party system

  • Email or SMS

Smartphone and PC web interface

  • Alarm dashboard

  • Quick start function

  • Messenger

  • Real-time display

Voice call

  • Inclusion of whitelist contacts

  • PIN authentication for alarm activation

  • Dynamic voice messages recording


  • Easy escalation

  • Skill-based escalation

  • Escalation to further groups or start of own escalation alert

3rd party systems

  • Automatic alarm activation via subsystem including dynamic transmission of alarm messages

  • A large variety of interfaces such as ESPA 4.4.4, ESPA-X, REST API, etc. is supported

Bidirectional communication

  • Proof of identity of the recipient before alarm message transmission

  • Positive, negative and PIN-related receipt acknowledgement

  • Input of response time/time of arrival

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