On-call service alerting – When it comes to seconds

On-call service alerting

A defective machine in the production plant, a lightning strike in the server centre, a storm damage on the construction site – in case of malfunction of critical infrastructure, immediate action is required.

By means of Serinus you can mobilise quickly and efficiently all necessary specialists, inform responsible authorities and ensure the information exchange within crisis units. The smart event communication platform observes employees duty rosters, availability and skills.  

The notifications can be made using voice calls, the mobile app, SMS or e-mails. The confirmation function also provides real-time feedback about your team’s availability and response times.

Overview of the main functions:


  • Manual or automatic activation of standby alerts by

  • phone, app, web

  • 3rd party system

  • email or SMS

Receipt confirmation

  • Positive acknowledgement

  • Negative acknowledgement

  • PIN entry confirmation

  • Input of response time/time of arrival

Alarm and information distribution

  • Respect of duty rosters and on-call schedules

  • Skill-based

  • Role and presence related

Uni- and bi-directional notification system

  • Parallel

  • Serial

  • Accidental