Discover the versatility of Serinus platforms

The smart event communication platform is available in three versions for efficient and reliable alert and crisis management. Each version includes all basic functions required to master simple and complex alarm scenarios. Additional modules such as an information hotline, REST API or Messenger connection can be easily added as needed.

The basic functions

  • Central dashboard
  • Role and skill-based alerting
  • Multimedia communication channels
  • Schedules planned
  • Receipt confirmation
  • Escalations
  • Emergency conferencing
  • Alarm reports

Serinus SaaS

Serinus ensures you the key functions of the alert and crisis management platform as a web-based solution and therefore independent from your infrastructure.

  • Versatility: add modules quickly and easily

  • Failover protection: geo-redundant cluster operation and redundant network connections

  • Safety: hosting in high-security German twin-core data centres (ISO/IEC 27001, ISO 27002 and Trusted Cloud)


Serinus On-Premises

By installing Serinus On-premises in your data centre, you will benefit from a full integration into your system infrastructure.

  • Ease of operation: process-oriented configuration and operation of alarms and conferences

  • Everything under the same roof: multi-tenant alert and crisis management platform

  • Synchronisation capability: integration of parent directory services to transfer objects and structures

Serinus Hybrid

Serinus Hybrid offers you the versatility and low-maintenance operation typical of Serinus SaaS combined with the individual capabilities and interface connection of Serinus on-premises.

  • Ease of integration: alarm media gateway with redundant network connection (LTE backup)

  • Local connection of serial protocols (ESPA 4.4.4, Generic Printer Protocol) as well as IP interfaces, OPC, XML, ESPA-X

  • Direct SIP connection to your telephone system and use of special alerting features such as announcement over the public address or call interruption