Product recall – Protection of consumers and assets

Product recall

Despite all preventive measures and diligence, mistakes can always occur. If defective or dangerous products reach the market, companies must be able to react quickly. It is important to protect customers and minimise damages as well as the image loss. In addition to end users, also federal market surveillance authorities, suppliers and retailers must be informed.

Serinus prepares you for critical situations providing you a high-performing alert and crisis management platform. Thanks to pre-defined crisis scenarios, you will be able to inform within seconds all responsible parties, whether by voice call, SMS, mobile app or e-mail.

In addition, you have many functions at your disposal allowing to exchange information quickly and easily with your crisis units. At the push of a button, you can start inter-divisional telephone conferences or information hotlines. In this way with Serinus you can always stay on top of things even under pressure.



  • Ad hoc conference

  • Inbound

  • Outbound

  • Mixed

Information hotline

  • Easy setup of information hotlines by PC, phone or smartphone

  • Cope with call peaks thanks to simultaneous call acceptance

  • Flexibly adjust free or predefined announcements

  • PIN-secured information hotlines for employees and crisis units

  • Optional connection to emergency call centres

Uni- and bidirectional notification system

  • Parallel

  • Serial

  • Based on roles and duty rosters

Emergency dashboard

  • Start and monitoring of alarm scenarios

  • Virtual crisis team rooms

  • Exchange of files, contingency plans and messages