Serinus Hybrid

Versatile and customised

Combine the benefits of the server and cloud-based solutions with Serinus Hybrid. This version provides you the versatility and low-maintenance operation typical of Serinus SaaS combined with the individual capabilities and interface connection of Serinus On-premises. Using the local alarm media gateway, you can link not only standard but also manufacturer-specific interfaces and transmit all the notifications directly to your existing communication infrastructure.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Independence from the infrastructure: web-based alert and crisis management platform

  • Failover protection: geo-redundant cluster operation

  • Ease of integration: alarm media gateway with redundant network connection (LTE backup)

  • Interfaces versatility: modules to log digital contact inputs and outputs as well as analogue signals

  • Local connection of serial protocols (ESPA 4.4.4, Generic Printer Protocol) as well as IP interfaces, OPC, XML, ESPA-X

  • Integration of bus systems, Modbus, KNX and BACnet

  • Direct SIP connection to your telephone system and use of special alerting features such as announcement over the public address or call interruption