Serinus SaaS


Web-based alarm and crisis management

Whether you are only setting up your business, growing or considering more flexibility – with Serinus SaaS you have at your disposal the functions offered by the alert and crisis management platform as a web-based solution regardless of your infrastructure. Further modules and users can be connected as needed. In this way, you can always adapt Serinus to your needs, without having to worry about IT and maintenance work, while always being well prepared for critical situations. Our servers are located exclusively in Germany to guarantee utmost security.

Applications of Serinus SaaS


MCI alerting


service alert


Incident management


lone working


Product recall


emergency call


Technical alarm


IT emergency

Benefit from the advantages of the web-based Serinus SaaS solution.


    High-performance and high-available

    Serinus SaaS is a cloud solution that is always up and running as a web-based platform. Any fault, emergency, or crisis can be managed via browser or app – even if your own infrastructure fails. A geo-redundant cluster operation and a redundant network ensure the high availability of this solution.


    Alerting using all channels

    Alerts can be triggered via multimedia. The people concerned can be notified using all available communication channels – by voice call, mobile app, SMS, fax or e-mail. The powerful cloud platform can define the required channels individually, based on teams or alarms, depending on the scenario and priority.


    App as a control center

    The Serinus Mobile App is always ready to assist you. Adjust all the settings available in simple steps. Trigger alarms via app and / or receive alarms without delay. Exchange information with your teams via chat for quick problem-solving.


    Simple system management

    With Serinus you can manage all the settings in a simple and process-oriented way. Create different scenarios with groups and people as alarm targets. Through the profiles you can assign rights and roles as to the administration and activation of alarms. Tasks can be defined beforehand or created while an incident is still in progress.


    Seamless integration of local systems

    Thanks to the Serinus Seamless Connector, you can connect your peripheral systems such as production plants, nurse call systems, fire alarm systems, machinery, sensors and technical components to the web-based alerting platform by means of a secure REST API interface. Data is transmitted to the cloud and processed to activate process operations or alerting procedures.


    REST API, SNMP Trap, WebHook, Mail or SMS

    In a few minutes you can connect your 3rd party systems and technical equipment via REST API, SNMP trap and webhook. Use these cloud-specific interfaces, including mail and SMS as input events, to start a predefined workflow in the event of a fault or alarm. Besides this, potential sources of error can be pointed out at an early stage.


    IoT Integration

    IoT technology allows an easy and smart networking of your systems. Therefore, the Serinus Cloud has direct interfaces to public IoT networks such as NarrowBand. Local IoT networks, such as LoRaWAN, can be connected using our Serinus Seamless Connector as well. By integrating your IoT sensors, you receive all status information in real time.


    Security and privacy

    Topics such as security and data protection are not negligible in the world of IT. Serinus therefore offers a reliable security and backup concept that meets the highest requirements, such as the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Serinus is hosted in highly secure, German twin-core data centers (ISO/IEC 27001, ISO 27002 and TrustedCloud).

    Dashboard MANV-Alert

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    Serinus Select

    Serinus Select is your alert and crisis management solution designed as a modular system. This version provides you all the basic functions required to master simple and complex alarm scenarios. Additional modules, such as an information hotline, a conference board or crisis and incident management, can be easily added as needed.

    The basic functions

    • Central dashboard

    • Role and skill-based alerting

    • Multimedial communication channels

    • Schedules planned

    • Receipt confirmations

    • Escalations

    • Emergency conferences

    • Alarm reports

    • Sending of ad hoc notifications via Messenger

    • Use of the mobile Serinus app

    • Integration of 3rd party systems through REST API

    Serinus Plus

    Serinus Plus ensures you the whole service range offered by the alert and crisis management platform. Besides the basic functions of Serinus Select, there are many additional features available.

    Included additional features

    • Setup of web-based information hotlines

    • Self management of personal data

    • Geo-based alerting

    • Assignment of location and area-related roles

    • Web interface for automatic import of personal and group data

    Further features

    • Incident Management

    • Web-based conference management

    • Integration of external UC platforms

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