Silent alarm — reliable personal protection for your employees

schema: silent alarm for people in crisis situations

Whether working for the authorities, energy suppliers or health services, employees at base or in the field are increasingly exposed to the risk of becoming the target of attacks. The highest priority for employers is therefore to protect their employees against threats and assaults. That’s why they can now go unnoticed even in critical situation by triggering a silent alarm.

To quickly and efficiently inform the relevant authorities in such circumstances, it is possible to connect the cloud and the software-based Serinus solutions with each silent alarm trigger mechanism. Indeed it can be flexibly integrated into the existing IT and telecommunications infrastructure, using both wireless and wired emergency buttons. In this way, the implementation of safeguard measures for employees is fast and cheap.

A silent alarm can be triggered covertly via hot key on the client PC, by phone key or using an emergency call button at the workplace. Employees in the field can transmit a silent alarm through the Serinus mobile App or an emergency watch at any time.

In case of emergency the efficient Serinus Smart Event Communication Platform informs the relevant auxiliaries according to previously defined rules and initiates an escalation of the distress call, where required. A dynamic localization improves the response time of your organization. By means of the central alarm cockpit all the latest information is available to immediately initiate and guarantee the necessary support and aid measures for your employees.

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