Technical monitoring – Teach your machines how to speak

Technical monitoring

A single faulty component can stop and threaten entire production plants. Machine failures, production losses and downtimes are an expensive nuisance. Anyway, this can be prevented. By integrating alert and information processes into daily operations, problems can be identified at an early stage and adequate professionals can react quickly to technical faults.

Serinus provides you an efficient alert and crisis management platform enabling an easy network among production plants, machines, sensors as well as technical components and the responsible personnel. The relevant experts are automatically alerted in case of fault messages.

Serinus can be connected to your machines and subsystems using all common interfaces. Through floating contacts, the platform can be easily connected to machines and devices. With analogue sensors it is possible to detect temperatures or filling levels. While serial and IP interfaces allow even the integration of entire systems and distributed control systems. Subsystems can be integrated flexibly via SMS and e-mail.


Integration of components and subsystems

  • Alarm media gateway for recording analogue signals and digital contact inputs and outputs

  • Serial connections via ESPA 4.4.4

  • IP integration via ESPA-X, KNX, Modbus, BACnet

  • Connection through OPC


  • Email

  • SMS


  • Process-oriented system management

  • Multi-tenant web access

  • Graphical display of alarm messages

  • Alarm reports and extensive statistics

  • Connection to central databases

Alarm and information distribution

  • Multimedia alerting of people and groups

  • Automatic start of teleconferences

  • Consideration of duty rosters and on-call schedules

  • Skill-based

  • Role and presence related

  • Escalations